Do You Want to Join the Military?

What am I going to do with my life? That is the question of most high school graduates minds, even some people with years after high school graduation. Here are some reasons you should consider the military.

  1. You need structure in your life:

This was the biggest one for me and the reasons I am in the United States Army today. My childhood was tough and I had problems with structure all through high school. The Army uses discipline to give the structure that a lot of people lack.

2. College is free (kinda)

Well, free is an understatement in a sense that you can potentially give your life for it. But with that being said I was afraid of school loans but I knew education was the key to success. Serving in the military can give you or your immediate family free college money which is known as the ‘G.I Bill’.  Please refer to the link to understand it more in depth.

3. You are patriotic

You want provide service to the greatest country on earth? Do you like the red, white and blue then serving in the military could be for you.

4. The desire to learn valuable skills

For myself I learned a lot in my 6 years of service. I learned how to have confidence in my self, how to treat people, and leadership skills I can use in the civilian sector. The military teaches you valuable skills that most civilians don’t get the Add to dictionary to learn.

5. Traveling

A young boy from the ghettos of Kansas City, Missouri could never imagine living in Germany and that is where I am at right now. I am here on the Army’s dime and get to see places I could only dream about. The military provides so much opportunity to travel.


The military is a great option if you are fully committed it too. It is not something you should do out of impulse cause you can become a very miserable person. For me the military is the greatest thing I have ever done in my life.

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